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James Hemphill - james@sscreative.uk


Welcome to Southern Sky

Southern Sky Creative Ltd. was founded in April 2013 in UK by a passionate Web Designer and Developer James Hemphill with the purpose of comprehensive end-user experience, handling contracts for both domestic and international clients.

We at Southern Sky have TWO main goals:
1. Equipping you with a professional look and user friendly UX.
2. Building your database from scratch or redesigning the structure for optimized function.
3. Providing high quality graphics and marketing material for your business.

We specifically specialize in CMS (WordPress) Development, .NET (with Angular.js), MSSQL, NOSQL together with the preparation of detailed and useful documentation for training and technology development.

James has a sum of over 15 years experience of ICT development, and we have supplied services in over 15 countries Worldwide, and continue to grow and evolve with recent developments in software and hardware usage. Please get in touch at contact@sscreative.uk for more information, to see how we can contribute and add value to any projects you have. More details for James can be found through the following links

Southern Sky transformed my old wordpress template into a fully modern, functioning website. It looks brand new! I have gained a tremendous amount of new business from this transition. Highly recommended!

- Charlotte Every

Team Pamper Founder
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